Pet Simulator X Quest Shop Guide – All Quests & How-to Complete Them!

Roblox Pet Simulator X has lately added a brand-new function to the sport known as the Quest Store. This function permits gamers to finish quests and earn Quest Factors, which might then be used to buy numerous rewards. The Quest Store could be accessed from indicators that provide quests in each world of the sport.

One of many rewards out there within the Quest Store is the Quest Egg 1, which accommodates two pets – M-10 PROTOTYPE with a 100% hatch charge and Big M-10 PROTOTYPE with a 0.1% hatch charge. The Quest Egg 1 could be bought for 400 Quest Factors. It’s possible that new pets shall be added to the egg over time, resulting in the introduction of “Quest Egg 2” and so forth.

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One other reward out there for buy with Quest Factors is the M-10 Hoverboard. Though the pace of the hoverboard just isn’t but recognized, it may be bought for five,000 Quest Factors. The M-10 Buying and selling Sales space, which adjustments the type of the participant’s buying and selling sales space to match the M-10 pets, can be bought from the Quest Store for 1,000 Quest Factors.

For these looking for a lift of their gameplay, the Enhance Pack is a superb choice. This pack could be purchased for 800 Quest Factors and accommodates 4 totally different boosts: (x35) Extremely Fortunate!, (x65) Triple Cash!, (x85) Tremendous Fortunate!, and (x65) Triple Harm! Moreover, gamers can unlock an additional slot for outfitted pets by buying the “+1 Pet Slot” reward, which prices 7,500 Quest Factors. Pet Storage can be expanded by buying the “Pet Storage” reward, which unlocks an extra +800 storage for pets and prices 800 Quest Factors.

Lastly, diamonds can be bought with Quest Factors. The Quest Store affords three totally different sizes of diamond rewards, together with Tiny, Medium, and Giant. The Tiny reward prices 500 Quest Factors and supplies 250,000,000 diamonds, whereas the Medium reward prices $2,000 and supplies 1,200,000,000 diamonds. The Giant reward prices 5,000 Quest Factors and supplies 5,000,000,000 diamonds.

It’s value noting that the Quest Store will introduce extra rewards sooner or later, making it an effective way for gamers to earn Quest Factors and entry thrilling new objects and options throughout the recreation.

Pet Simulator X Quests Record

The X represents a random quantity that shall be assigned while you obtain one of many quests.

  • X pets from the Mysterious Service provider
  • X pets from the Touring Service provider
  • X pets from Buying and selling Cubicles
  • Create X Fused Legendary Pets
  • Enchant X pets with Royalty
  • Enroll X Pets in Daycare
  • Equip +X pet at a time
  • Break X Chests in Heaven Island
  • Break X Chests in City
  • Break X Chests in Winter
  • Break X Cash in Sweet Island
  • Break X Cash in City
  • Break X Crates
  • Break X Crates in Winter
  • Break X Diamonds in Desert
  • Break X Diamonds within the Diamond Mine
  • Break X Grand Heaven Chests in Heaven’s Gate
  • Break X Magma Chests in Volcano
  • Break X Presents
  • Break X Presents in Forest
  • Break X Presents in Glacier
  • Break X Safes
  • Break X Safes in Seashore
  • Break X Vaults
  • Break X Vaults in Enchanted Forest
  • Break X Vaults in Mine
  • Hatch X Pets from Hell Eggs
  • Hatch X Mythicals from Heaven’s Gate Eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Historic Eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Forest Eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Mine Eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Spiked Eggs
  • Hatch X Pets from Starter Eggs
  • Hatch X Shiny
  • Hatch X Shiny Pegasus Pets
  • Hatch X Shiny Pets from Spiked Eggs
  • Hatch X Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets
  • Use the Daycare X occasions
  • Use the Enchant Machine X occasions on pets with glittering
  • Use the Gold Machine X occasions
  • Use the Rainbow Machine X occasions

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