Untitled Blue Lock Game Trello Link [Official] (April 2023)

Roblox Untitled Blue Lock Game is an expertise that may be discovered on a wide range of platforms, corresponding to Xbox, PC, and Cell gadgets. If you happen to’re trying to perceive what’s happening within the recreation, when it comes to guides, suggestions, tier lists, and every part else then it would be best to make sure you head over to the official Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Trello. We’ll inform you the place precisely you’ll find the Trello so you may study every part that you must know.

The Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Trello covers all the particulars in regards to the races, controls, bosses, talents, map, NPCs, objects, currencies, weapons, recreation updates, and abilities of every kind like melee and ranged, buffs, debuffs, and every part else you might presumably need to know!

If you happen to’re in search of the Roblox Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Trello right here’s the hyperlink:

Untitled Blue Lock Game Trello

Simply click on that hyperlink and you’ll arrive on the Trello, which comprises a wide range of particulars on how the expertise features. If freebies grow to be accessible, you’ll have the ability to discover them on our Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Codes web page.

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Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Trello FAQ

Is there a Discord for Untitled Blue Lock Recreation?

Sure, you may head over to the Untitled Blue Lock Game Discord to hitch up and speak to gamers and devs of the sport!

What are the controls?

  • With out Ball
    • Launch M1 whereas charging + have not less than 9 protection – Standing Sort out
    • Shift + Q – Sort out
  • With Ball
    • Dribbles = Z,X,C,V
    • R – Regular Move
    • T – Lob
    • Maintain M1 – Cost
    • Launch M1 whereas Charging – Shoot ball
    • Launch M2 whereas Charging – Backwards Shot
    • Launch M1 With 85% Energy, and the ball is within the Air: Header
    • Maintain M1 whereas charging + 6 Management = Feint Shot
    • G – Activate Movement
    • Shift – Start Sprinting
    • CTRL – Shift lock
    • Move Mark – F
  • Goalie
    • Q / E – Upwards Leap
    • Z / C – Sideways Leap
    • Punt – M1 whereas in goalie field

How does the extent system work?

Incomes expertise factors (EXP) in varied methods corresponding to successful video games, scoring objectives, making assists, defending, and dribbling, permits you to degree up. As you degree up, you’ll acquire entry to titles and tokens that can be utilized within the token store. To degree up, that you must accumulate 100 EXP for every degree you may have, for instance, in case you are at degree 5, you would want to earn 500 EXP to succeed in degree 6. As well as, every degree up grants you 5 tokens that can be utilized within the token store to amass varied objects.

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That’s all you’ll want to seek out the Untitled Blue Lock Recreation Trello. Make sure you head to the Roblox Video games Codes web page to get freebies in a wide range of completely different video games on the platform.

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