Anime Tales Trello & Wiki [Verified & Official] (May 2023)

Anime Tales is a recent addition to the world of Roblox, introducing gamers to a fascinating Anime Simulator/RPG Recreation. Inside this sport, you may embark on thrilling adventures via expansive digital worlds, acquire numerous Anime Characters via a gacha system, have interaction in aggressive fight with different gamers, conquer difficult boss battles, tackle thrilling quests, improve your equipment, and expertise a variety of simulator gameplay options. In the event you’re in search of extra particulars and knowledge on the sport, we’ve bought a hyperlink to the Trello the place you may get some!

The Anime Tales Trello covers the entire particulars concerning the NPCs, character skins, powers, stock, equipment, weapons, map, Marine Ford Coaching Areas, and executives!

In the event you’re in search of the Roblox Anime Tales Trello right here’s the hyperlink together with different essential pages:

Anime Tales Trello FAQ

What are a few of the controls?

  • Gentle Assault (M1)
  • Heavy Assaults / Knockback (M2)
  • Sprint (Q)
  • Block (F)
  • Guard break/ Knockback – (M1 x 5)
  • Up-tilt – (M1 + M2)
  • Down-tilt (Air) – (M1)
  • Knockback (Air) -(M2)
  • Good Block (Timing) – (F)

What number of bosses are within the sport?

There are at the moment two bosses within the sport proper now: Yo Mama and Dragon Emperor.

Dragon Emperor’s Boss Area opens up each 45 minutes and has 2 boss patterns + 1 Enrage Mode. Yo Mama’s Boss Area opens up each quarter-hour and has 3 boss patterns + 1 Enrage Mode.

What weapons are within the sport?

As of proper now, the identified weapons within the sport are Bamboo Stick, Shinai, Titan Cutter, Ninja Blade, Grass Katana, Courageous Sword, and Samurai Blade.

That’s all you’ll want to seek out the Anime Tales Trello. Make sure you head to the Roblox Video games Codes web page to get freebies in quite a lot of completely different video games on the platform.

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