Black Grimoire Odyssey Trello, Discord, & Game Page Links

Black Grimoire Odyssey is an experience developed for the Roblox platform! If you’re looking for more details and information on the game, we’ve got a link to the Trello and all of the other pages that will help you learn more about it!

Black Grimoire Odyssey Trello covers all of the details about races, classes, grimoires, spells, stages, relics, weapons, aspects, and more!

If you’re looking for the Roblox Black Grimoire Odyssey Trello here’s the link along with other important pages:

Black Grimoire Odyssey Information

Roblox Black Grimoire Odyssey is a dungeon crawler game currently in development, featuring procedural generation for its levels. Drawing inspiration from various titles such as Pixel Dungeon and Soul Knight, as well as the Black Clover series, the game aims to offer a unique blend of experiences. As it is a solo development project, players may encounter bugs or errors and should expect occasional game shutdowns for updates.

In terms of controls, the game maintains a simple interface: the “G” button or “ButtonA” is used for interactions, while “Z” and “X” or “DPadUp” and “DPadDown” allow players to scroll between spells. Walking is all that is needed for running in the game.

Lastly, the game’s mechanics include a specific drop and rank chance system. The chances of item drops are broken down into different categories of rarity—Common has a 40% drop chance, Uncommon at 25%, Rare at 15%, Epic at 10%, Legendary at 8%, and Mythical at 2%. The game also features a ranking system based on percentages, ranging from ranks E to S with respective chances of 30%, 25%, 17%, 13%, 10%, and 5%.

That’s all you’ll need to find the Black Grimoire Odyssey Trello. Be sure to head to the Roblox section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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