Bungie to Reduce Weapon Swap Delay After Destiny 2’s Season 21 Launch

Following issues voiced by its participant base, Bungie has lately confirmed plans to mitigate the weapon swap delay in Future 2. The delay, which was initially launched as a broader resolution to an exploit concern, will likely be diminished to about one second shortly after the launch of Season 21, in response to the sport’s builders.

Listed here are the precise particulars from the tweets from Bungie:

We want to give some further context on the weapon swap delay change. The shotgun exploit wasn’t the one concern we have been seeing and to soundly repair the underlying drawback we would have liked to introduce a world firing delay when swapping weapons through the stock display screen.

Because of the networking variations throughout gamers and environments, we couldn’t assure the shortest attainable delay would handle the exploit.

After intently observing the present conduct within the dwell recreation, we’ve got sufficient data to dial this in additional exactly, and plan to scale back the weapon swap delay to about one second shortly after Season 21’s launch later this month.

Bungie had initially addressed a glitch involving the swapping of a Slug Shotgun to a different Shotgun, which had allowed for large harm output. To repair this, a two-second delay was launched the place a weapon couldn’t be fired after swapping to it from the stock display screen, as said within the lately launched Future 2 Hotfix

Though two seconds could not sound like a major delay, its impression has been felt throughout gameplay, significantly amongst the upper echelon of gamers. Speedrunners and seasoned Guardians adept at speedy weapon swapping expressed issues that this delay might value them valuable time and DPS. This variation impacts all weapon swaps, not simply Slug Shotguns, making use of to Loadouts swaps, and even Hunter’s Photo voltaic Golden Gun, a Tremendous means that technically counts as a gun.

The 2-second delay is much less prone to impression the vast majority of Future 2 gamers. For a lot of Guardians, weapon switching mid-activity isn’t a typical apply, significantly in worrying fight conditions. The delay is primarily a priority for these gamers who continuously swap weapons and have honed the talent to the purpose the place a two-second timer might detrimentally have an effect on their gameplay.

The choice to introduce a world firing delay when swapping weapons through the stock display screen was motivated by the necessity to rectify an underlying drawback past the shotgun exploit. Bungie’s workforce emphasised the problem of guaranteeing the shortest attainable delay to handle the exploit, given the various community situations throughout completely different gamers and environments.

Regardless of the controversy, some gamers acknowledged that the repair, though unorthodox, could be a sensible resolution to a extra complicated drawback. An overhaul of the Slug Shotguns to stop the glitch might have resulted in a extra cost-intensive repair. Furthermore, this concern impacts solely a fraction of the sport’s participant base and shouldn’t intrude with the gamers’ talents to finish actions, Triumphs, and different in-game targets.

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