Darkest Dungeon II Hotfix Adds Quirk Interactions to Academic’s Studies & More

Pink Hook Studios, the developer of Darkest Dungeon II, has launched a significant hotfix, refining varied facets of the sport, together with an addition of quite a few quirk interactions to Tutorial’s Research. The replace is one among many changes the builders have applied in response to participant suggestions for the reason that sport’s 1.0 launch.

One important modification pertains to the third Confession boss. Pink Hook Studios indicated that they’re wanting into this space and have made a sequence of quick changes, with plans to implement extra modifications to the boss combat sooner or later.

Among the many alterations, a number of modifications concern the Deathblow RES, a key sport mechanic. The minimal Deathblow RES for heroes has been elevated from 5% to 33%, whereas the identical stat for monsters has been lowered from 5% to 0%. Furthermore, monsters that originally had a 5% Deathblow RES, such because the Evangelist, will now carry a 0% Deathblow RES.

The hotfix has additionally adjusted some sport parts relating to numerous characters. The Drummer’s Defensive Formation not supplies a +50% Deathblow RES for one spherical, whereas the Knight will not use En Garde if on Dying’s Door. Moreover, a difficulty inflicting the Bishop to often cross his flip unnecessarily has been resolved.

Inns, important areas for occasion restoration, will now solely be generated as soon as per expedition, enhancing the strategic parts of the sport. The Hateful Pyre and The Stygian Blaze have additionally been modified to supply a bonus Deathblow RES to all monsters and executives which have Dying’s Door.

The Confession areas have additionally obtained some modifications. As an example, area 2 Oblivion’s Rampart in each Confession 1 and a couple of will now at all times culminate in a Deacon combat, with Confession 2’s area 3 at all times resulting in a Cardinal battle.

Moreover, the Pillager Mongrel will not acquire Dodge when utilizing Watchdog, as an alternative receiving it on Riposte. The hotfix additionally raises the looks price of Hero Shrines and provides the power for monsters to have IMMUNE resistance ranges, a element that will probably be proven of their mouse-over stats and pop textual content.

The replace additionally consists of an array of fixes and enhancements, starting from animation and VFX polish to fixes for softlock points and UI edge circumstances. There are additionally localization modifications, together with the addition of a brand new Chinese language font and disclaimers on the request of assorted language localization groups.

Notably, Pink Hook Studios has acknowledged one recognized concern regarding non-localized new strings. The builders plan to rectify this as quickly as attainable.

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