Destiny 2’s Last Rite Scout Rifle to Debut in the Season of the Deep

Last Rite Scout Rifle Image
The upcoming Season of the Deep in Destiny 2 is set to introduce the Last Rite Scout Rifle, a new addition to the array of weapons available in the game. This Tex Mechanica Kinetic Aggressive Scout Rifle is shrouded in mystery as very little information about it has been disclosed.

Last Rite Duelist Ornament Image
Image: Bungie

There has been a mixed response from the player community regarding the Last Rite’s visual design. Many players have noted the striking similarity between the Last Rite and the Long Arm, a well-known gun in the game. This resemblance has raised concerns about potential confusion, especially if the two weapons sport similar shading. Suggestions have been made to differentiate the Last Rite with unique features such as a silencer or other distinct attachments.

It’s not unusual for Destiny 2 to repurpose existing weapon models. However, players expect unique touches on seasonal or ritual weapons to make them distinct from their base models. There’s a sense of disappointment among some players over the Last Rite’s lack of distinguishing features, as it appears identical to the Long Arm.

Last Rite Ornament Image
Image: Bungie

In terms of performance, it’s worth noting that Scout Rifles recently received a 10% damage boost against red and orange-bar enemies in PvE. This enhancement could potentially influence the reception and usage of the Last Rite in gameplay.

The Season of the Deep also marks a significant shift in Destiny 2’s setting. For the first time, the game appears to introduce underwater environments. This unexpected move has left players intrigued and full of speculation about how these new surroundings will influence gameplay. Will the physics of the game change? How will enemies operate in this new context?

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