Dota 2 New Frontiers – New Map, Gameplay Changes, & More

Dota 2 gamers are in for a deal with because the New Frontiers replace brings a bunch of modifications, together with a brand new map, gameplay updates, and varied different enhancements. The replace boasts a considerably expanded Dota map, with 40% extra terrain and totally reconfigured important jungles. These modifications are designed to open up new strategic potentialities and resource-gathering alternatives. We’re rounding up lots of what has been modified, however you need to most likely head to the full post by Valve for all the small print.

Roshan, the formidable impartial monster, has moved into two new pits within the northwest and southeast corners of the map. Gamers will discover him tankier than ever, with altered loot drops relying on the pit he’s in. As well as, two gates now join the map’s corners, enabling prompt teleportation from one edge to the opposite.

Gamers can now discover Lotus Swimming pools on the map, which spawn fruit granting HP and mana. These fruits might be mixed into bigger, extra useful variations as the sport progresses. New impartial creep camps, Tormentors, spawn close to every base after 20 minutes, providing Aghanim’s Shards as a reward for defeating them. Watchers additionally make their debut, granting imaginative and prescient over particular areas when activated.

Different new options embrace Defender’s Gates, which perform as force-fielded again doorways to bases; Knowledge Runes, which grant XP boosts when collected; and Defend Runes, offering a barrier primarily based on a hero’s max HP. The expanded map additionally consists of 12 new creep camps and two new Outposts, offering extra strategic choices for gamers.

The replace introduces main gameplay modifications as properly, corresponding to the brand new Common hero attribute sort, a reworked Black King Bar, and revised impartial merchandise drops. Impartial creeps and their talents will now scale over time, and the kill system has been altered to make early recreation kills extra impactful. Moreover, the period of just about each disable within the recreation has been lowered, permitting gamers to spend extra time actively enjoying their heroes.



  • Added to Captains Mode
  • Acquired Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard
  • Lifeless Shot: Ricochet Concern Period decreased
  • The Calling: Silence Period decreased, and Period decreased
  • Pierce the Veil: Now upgradable by Aghanim’s Shard
  • Parting Shot: New means granted by Aghanim’s Scepter


  • Base Harm elevated
  • Base Energy elevated
  • Searing Arrows Capacity eliminated
  • Strafe: New primary means
  • Tar Bomb: New primary means
  • Demise Pact: Now a primary means, with modifications
  • Skeleton Stroll: Now an final means, with modifications
  • Burning Barrage: Now granted by Aghanim’s Shard

Arc Warden

  • All Tempest Double’s talents changed with ‘Tempest’ variations of Arc Warden’s talents
  • Flux: Tempest model has larger injury however decrease motion velocity penalty
  • Magnetic Subject: Tempest model offers further bonuses
  • Spark Wraith: Tempest model has modifications to activation delay, Wraith motion velocity, sluggish period, and injury

Ogre Magi

  • Main Attribute modified to Energy
  • Energy achieve elevated
  • Base Intelligence decreased
  • Intelligence achieve decreased
  • Dumb Luck: New innate means
  • Fireblast: Stun Period decreased
  • Unrefined Fireblast: Stun Period decreased


  • Base Energy decreased
  • Energy achieve decreased
  • Intelligence achieve elevated
  • Mystic Snake: Mana Price decreased, Scepter Stone Base Period decreased
  • Mana Defend: Capacity reworked
  • Stone Gaze: Stone Type period decreased


  • Acid Spray: Solid Level improved, Cooldown decreased, Mana Price decreased, Period decreased, Harm per second elevated
  • Unstable Concoction: Max Stun Period decreased
  • Greevil’s Greed: Now an innate means
  • Corrosive Weaponry: New primary passive means
  • Chemical Rage: Bonus Well being Regen elevated


  • Blood Grenade
  • Diadem
  • Cornucopia
  • Pavise
  • Phylactery
  • Harpoon
  • Disperser


  • Duelist Gloves (Tier 1)
  • Spark of Braveness (Tier 1)
  • Soul Stone (Tier 2)
  • Mantle of the Archmage (Tier 2)
  • Maelstrom of the Stormcrafter (Tier 3)
  • Arcane Vortex (Tier 4)
  • The Eldritch Tome (Tier 4)


Map Changes

Map has been reworked, with expansions on all 4 sides, new paths, and aims.

Introducing Twin Gates: two portals positioned within the map’s corners that enable gamers to teleport to the opposite after a 3-second channel.

Roshan pit faraway from the river and changed with two pits within the map’s corners. Roshan now strikes between pits utilizing the Twin Gates as day and night time cycles change, staying on the Radiant aspect throughout daytime and Dire throughout nighttime. Roshan positive aspects 200 bonus motion velocity, phased motion, and a 200 magic injury knockback whereas relocating. The present Roshan pit is indicated on the minimap.

Roshan not drops Aghanim’s Shard after the second defeat, now dropping Cheese as a substitute. From the third defeat onwards, Roshan drops Aghanim’s Scepter when killed on the Radiant aspect and Refresher Shard on the Dire aspect. Roshan’s HP improve per minute raised from 115 to 130, and base armor elevated from 20 to 30.

Two Tormentor mini-bosses have been added behind the Offlane areas, spawning at 20:00. Tormentors have 1 Well being, 20 Armor, 55% Magic Resistance, and a 2500 Harm Barrier that regenerates at 100 HP/s, with a 250 gold bounty. Whereas Tormentors don’t assault or transfer, they replicate 70% of obtained injury as Magical injury, distributed evenly amongst heroes inside a 1200 radius. Illusions take 200% injury. Destroying a Tormentor grants an Aghanim’s Shard buff to the 2 lowest internet price allied heroes and not using a Shard. If all heroes possess an Aghanim’s Shard, destroying a Tormentor yields 280 gold and 280 expertise for every hero. Tormentors respawn each 10 minutes after defeat, every time growing their barrier regen by 100 HP/s and injury reflection by 20%.

Two new alternate exit paths have been added close to the Offlane Tier 3 towers, connecting to the world the place Tormentor spawns. These entrances/exits are unique to the bottom group they’re situated in.

Energy Runes is not going to repeat till all completely different runes have appeared. The primary rune of the following cycle is at all times completely different from the final rune of the earlier cycle. A brand new Energy Rune, Defend Rune, has been launched, granting a barrier equal to 50% of the consumer’s max HP for 75 seconds.

A brand new particular Knowledge Rune seems in two new spots on the edges of the map on the Offlane, near T2 towers. They spawn at 7:00 and each 7 minutes after, granting 280 expertise per 7 minutes elapsed to the hero that collects it.

Outposts not present expertise. Two further Outposts have been added close to the T1 towers and Twin Gates on the Secure lanes. Outposts not supply imaginative and prescient or True Sight.

Eight Watchers have been added to the map. Inactive Watchers might be activated by any hero by means of a 1.5-second channel, offering 800-radius imaginative and prescient over the world for 7 minutes earlier than deactivating and changing into impartial once more. An opposing group’s hero can destroy an energetic Watcher by means of a 1.5-second channel. Watchers respawn 2 minutes after destruction. Watchers are positioned within the heart of every important jungle, subsequent to every Roshan pit, within the heart of every triangle close to the T2 towers, and close to the Twin Gates.

This replace goals to carry a contemporary expertise to Dota 2 gamers, with new methods and gameplay dynamics to discover. The complete record of modifications might be discovered within the official patch notes.

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