One Piece New Dream Trello & Wiki [Verified & Official] (May 2023)

The One Piece New Dream Trello covers all the particulars about haki, factions, races, types, sub-class, expertise, race trainers, weapons, weapon variants, NPCs, bosses, satan fruits, rings, enchants, specs, legendary weapons, and notable folks.

In case you’re on the lookout for the Roblox One Piece New Dream Trello right here’s the hyperlink together with different essential pages:

Paths to Immortality Trello FAQ

What’s the sport about?

Roblox One Piece New Dream is a sport centered on constructing attributes and progressing by way of ranges by partaking in varied actions.

The sport focuses on creating 4 most important attributes: Arm Energy, Leg Energy, Agility, and Vitality. Arm Energy could be boosted through the use of Dumbbells, with greater weights requiring fewer clicks for power achieve. Leg Energy, then again, could be improved by way of utilizing Barbells, once more with fewer clicks required for heavier weights. Agility and Vitality, each vital attributes within the sport, could be developed through the use of pink and blue mats, respectively.

The development of gamers within the sport is essentially divided into two levels: Degree 1-5/10 and Degree 10-20. Between Ranges 1-5/10, gamers interact with Bandit NPCs, flip in chests, and purchase their fashion and expertise. Gripping different gamers, significantly these at greater ranges, can result in a major XP achieve.

Within the Degree 10-20 stage, Bandits start to supply much less XP. Gamers are inspired to have interaction in additional fights and grips with different gamers and take part in crew fights. Notably, upon reaching Degree 15, gamers can start their journey in direction of acquiring haki. There are two obtainable forms of haki, Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki, that are unlocked by way of preventing and gripping.

Boss farming is taken into account the most secure methodology of progressing and reaching haki at this stage. Attacking the boss supplies gamers with Buso XP, whereas dodging and parrying the boss results in Ken XP. Upon defeating the boss, gamers are rewarded with round 300k bounty. This bounty is cut up evenly amongst all gamers who participated and inflicted harm on the boss. Along with the bounty, defeating the boss additionally ends in substantial stage positive aspects.

What are the controls?

  • N – Rob Objects (On Downed Gamers)
  • J – Activate Ken Haki (When Unlocked)
  • H – Activate Buso Haki (When Unlocked)
  • X – Spit
  • Left Shift- Shift-lock
  • Ctrl – Crouch
  • F + M1 – Evasive
  • Q – Sprint/Dodge
  • Proper Click on – Heavy Assault (Fight Instrument Geared up)
  • Left Click on – Gentle Assault (Fight Instrument Geared up)
  • Tab – Character Stats
  • B – Grip/Execute
  • V – Carry/Drop Carry
  • Tilde (~) – Stock
  • E – Drop Objects
  • Proper Alt – Toggle Geppo (When Unlocked)
  • Mute Music – Might be present in your stock

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