Paths to Immortality Trello & Wiki [Verified & Official] (May 2023)

Within the fascinating world of Roblox Paths to Immortality, an unbelievable Incremental RPG awaits you, the place the final word goal is to realize immortality. Forge your individual path to greatness by making pivotal decisions alongside the way in which. Will you align your self with a sect, drawing power from a collective power, or enterprise solo, relying solely by yourself talents? Domesticate inside peace and serenity or have interaction in intense battles to ascend to the highest. Unleash your affinity powers, whether or not or not it’s manipulating hearth to incinerate every little thing or wielding a lethal plague to eradicate all life. Should you’re on the lookout for extra particulars and knowledge on the sport, we’ve bought a hyperlink to the Trello the place you may get some!

The Paths to Immortality Trello covers the entire particulars about primary sport information, enemies, sect activity enemies, sects, physiques, and affinities.

Should you’re on the lookout for the Roblox Paths to Immortality Trello right here’s the hyperlink together with different essential pages:

Paths to Immortality Trello FAQ

What’s the sport about?

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Roblox Paths to Immortality, an immersive Incremental RPG the place the pursuit of everlasting life awaits. Your purpose is to traverse the winding paths that result in immortality, shaping your future each step of the way in which.

On this fascinating journey, you will have the selection to affix a sect, discovering solace and power inside their ranks, or enterprise forth as a lone wanderer, relying solely by yourself talents and dedication. Whether or not you go for peaceable cultivation or have interaction in fierce battles to ascend the ranks, the trail you select is completely as much as you.

Harness the facility of your distinctive affinities to realize your ambitions. Ignite the world along with your mastery of fireside, decreasing every little thing to ash, or unleash devastating plagues that lay waste to all life. Your decisions have penalties, and the results are as huge as your creativeness.

This sport attracts inspiration from the esteemed Idea of Magic and Your Chronicle, promising an immersive and enchanting expertise stuffed with intricate lore and fascinating gameplay mechanics. Embark on this epic journey, the place the paths to immortality are infinite and await your discovery. Forge your individual future and turn into an immortal legend within the realm of Roblox Paths to Immortality.

What are the Cultivation Realms?

The sport at the moment consists of seven distinct realms that gamers can discover and progress by means of.

These realms are often called Qi Condensation, Basis Institution, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Legislation Institution, World King, and Divine Transformation.

Every of those realms is taken into account a serious stage within the sport. Inside every main stage, there are 5 sub-stages: Preliminary, Early, Mid, Late, and Peak.

As soon as a participant reaches the Peak stage in any realm, they may then bear a breakthrough to enter the subsequent main stage. For instance, progressing from Basis Institution Peak to Core Formation Preliminary.

Nevertheless, the realm of Divine Transformation operates in another way. It includes a number of phases, starting from 1st to tenth, and every stage requires a breakthrough in the primary stage of the realm to advance additional.

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