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Roblox Peroxide is an expertise that may be discovered on quite a lot of platforms, equivalent to Xbox, PC, and Cellular gadgets. For those who’re seeking to perceive what’s happening within the recreation, by way of guides, suggestions, tier lists, and all the things else then you’ll want to make sure you head over to the official Peroxide Trello. We’ll let you know the place precisely yow will discover the Trello so you possibly can be taught all the things you have to know.

The Peroxide Trello covers the entire particulars concerning the races, controls, bosses, talents, map, NPCs, gadgets, currencies, weapons, recreation updates, and expertise of all kinds like melee and ranged, buffs, debuffs, and all the things else you would probably wish to know!

For those who’re searching for the Peroxide Trello right here’s the hyperlink:

Simply click on that hyperlink and you’ll arrive on the Trello, which comprises quite a lot of particulars on how the expertise capabilities.

Peroxide Trello FAQ

Is there a Discord for Peroxide?

Sure, you possibly can head over to the Peroxide Discord to hitch up and discuss to gamers and devs of the sport!

How do i develop into a Hole/Soul Reaper?

With a purpose to develop into a Hole it’s a must to pull your chain out by urgent the G key in your keyboard. To develop into a Soul-Reaper you have to discuss to Kisuke, and full their quests.

How do you unlock talents?

As you stage up within the recreation, the gear icon above your well being bar will flip orange each 3 ranges. Clicking on it’ll carry up a set of playing cards that characterize completely different talents that you could unlock. These talents embody Clan talents, in addition to Shikai/Res talents. You may click on on every card to unlock the corresponding potential.

What’s the stat cap?

The sport has particular caps for various stats. The utmost cap for Utility stats equivalent to Agility and Reiatsu is 140, nevertheless it will increase to 160 after unlocking Bankai/Segunda. This cover is for every stat individually, so you possibly can have a most of 140 for each Agility and Reiatsu. However, the utmost cap for Fight stats equivalent to Vitality, Energy, and Spirit is 480 after unlocking Bankai/Segunda and 350 earlier than that. This implies that you could have a most of 120 Spirit, 240 Energy, and 120 Vitality earlier than unlocking Bankai/Segunda. Moreover, there’s a smooth cap at 300 for Fight stats, which makes it more durable to coach your stats past this level.

That’s all you’ll want to seek out the Peroxide Trello. Make sure to head to the Roblox part of our web site for extra nice details about video games on the platform.

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