Project JoJo Trello Link [Official] (April 2023)

Roblox Project JoJo is an expertise that may be discovered on quite a lot of platforms, comparable to Xbox, PC, and Cell gadgets. For those who’re seeking to perceive what’s happening within the recreation, by way of guides, ideas, tier lists, and every part else then you’ll want to you’ll want to head over to the official Challenge JoJo Trello. We’ll inform you the place precisely you’ll find the Trello so you may be taught every part it is advisable to know.

The Challenge JoJo Trello covers all the particulars in regards to the races, controls, bosses, talents, map, NPCs, objects, currencies, weapons, recreation updates, and abilities of every kind like melee and ranged, buffs, debuffs, and every part else you can probably wish to know!

For those who’re searching for the Roblox Challenge JoJo Trello right here’s the hyperlink:

Project JoJo Trello

Simply click on that hyperlink and you’ll arrive on the Trello, which accommodates quite a lot of particulars on how the expertise features.

Challenge JoJo Trello FAQ

Is there a Discord for Challenge JoJo?

Sure, you may head over to the Project JoJo Discord to hitch up and discuss to gamers and devs of the sport!

What’s the sport about?

Challenge JoJo is a Roblox recreation that’s based mostly on the favored manga sequence “Jojo’s Weird Journey” by Hirohiko Araki. The sport is cut up into eight elements, with elements 7 and eight going down in a unique universe than the primary six. The protagonist of every half is nicknamed “Jojo” due to the connection between their first and final names. The sequence has a variety of important characters and switches genres and talents from half to half. The primary two elements use the power Hamon, whereas the remainder of the elements use Stands, that are a bodily manifestation of 1’s soul. It is suggested to begin studying or watching the sequence from the start, Half 1, and steadily work your manner as much as turn out to be educated in regards to the lore.

What are Stands?

Stands in Challenge JoJo are entities generated psychically by its proprietor, also called a Stand Consumer. These entities seem as figures close to the person and possess talents past these of a daily human, which can be utilized for good or evil relying on the Stand Consumer. They’ll additionally characterize a person’s innate preventing spirit and embody their psyche.

Stands could be summoned utilizing the Q button and may punch with the left-click. These entities could be obtained by discovering an Arrow scattered all through Morioh or via buying and selling, stand discs, Atom Coronary heart Father’s Arrow, Requiem Arrows, and DIO’s Diary.

Presently, there are 76 Stands, together with ACT, Requiem, Alternate Universe, Prime, and Over Heaven types, within the recreation for gamers to make use of. Some Stands can unlock Requiem Strikes, comparable to Time-Cease Motion. Harm inflicted on Stands impacts the person and vice versa, as do standing results. Sure Stands require a SPEC to be acquired, comparable to Hamon for “Hermit Purple” and Spin for “Ball Breaker.”

As an RPG recreation, each Stand within the recreation could be as overpowered as desired, which implies a high-level Anubis person may probably defeat a Made in Heaven person.

That’s all you’ll want to search out the Challenge JoJo Trello. Be sure you head to the Roblox Video games Codes web page to get freebies in quite a lot of completely different video games on the platform.

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