Project Mugetsu Hollow Progression Guide

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Are you able to evolve as a Hole in Mission Mugetsu? This concise information will stroll you thru the steps to grow to be an Arrancar and unlock your Resurrección. Observe these steps and stage up like a professional!

Hole Development Information

  1. Start as a standard Hole. Grind for 625 XP by consuming physique components and attain stage 5+ to evolve to Menos.
  2. Survive as a Menos for 1 hour on a public server (2 hours on a non-public server) with out dying or disconnecting. Attain stage 25+ to grow to be an Adjucha.
  3. As an Adjucha, eat 1875 XP value of physique components and hit stage 50+ to evolve to Vasto Lorde.
  4. As a Vasto Lorde, eat 2250 XP value of physique components and win the masks minigame to evolve to Vastocar.
  5. As a Max Vastolorde, eat 2500 XP value of physique components and win the masks minigame once more to evolve to Vastocar.

The Race Progression Gamepass is very really helpful for simpler grinding. If you wish to be taught extra in regards to the sport, you’ll discover a number of nice guides on our Mission Mugetsu Wiki.

XP per Physique Half Eaten

  • Base Hole: 1 XP (complete: 4 XP)
  • Human: 1 XP (complete: 4 XP)
  • Base Soul Reaper: 2 XP (complete: 8 XP)
  • Soul Reaper With Shikai: 3 XP (complete: 12 XP)
  • Adjucha: 2 XP (complete: 12 XP)
  • Vasto Lorde: 3 XP (complete: 11 XP)
  • Arrancar: 4 XP (complete: 16 XP)

Unlocking Resurrección as an Arrancar

  1. Press “Okay” to see “Battle Zanpakuto” and get teleported to the “Internal World.”
  2. Defeat the boss to unlock your Resurrección (12-minute cooldown).

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Present Resurreccións in Recreation

  • Los Lobos
  • Arrogante
  • Tormenta
  • Gravitas
  • Volcanica

Resurrección FAQ

  • All Resurrección will likely be launched over time, together with non-canon ones.
  • Activate Resurrección by typing “(name title), your resurreciòn” in chat.
  • Reroll Resurrección by speaking to Dante in Hueco Mundo for $85,000.

Now you’re able to dominate as a strong Hole in Roblox Mission Mugetsu! Evolve and unlock your Resurrección to grow to be an unstoppable power.

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