Protodroid DeLTA, 3D Action Platformer, Set to Launch on May 25

Publisher Humble Games and developer Adam Kareem have announced that the 3D action platformer, Protodroid DeLTA, has a new release date. Initially scheduled to release on April 27, the game is now set to launch on May 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and Humble Store.

Protodroid DeLTA unfolds in a beautifully crafted and hopeful solarpunk world. This vibrant vision of Earth’s future is where you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters and confront challenging bosses. As the player, you’ll step into the shoes of DeLTA, a hyper-advanced android created by the world-renowned roboticist Dr. Shelton.

DeLTA is one of the first Protodroids with near-human intelligence, designed to demonstrate the potential of AI. This groundbreaking android was created to “be the change,” showing the world what AI could become, and proving she is more than “just a robot.”

Things take a turn when Dr. Shelton’s lab comes under attack from a gang of Vypers. To protect DeLTA, the doctor enables her combat subroutines and equips her with weapon systems. After successfully fending off the attackers, DeLTA is given a new mission: defend the region against the rising Vyper threat, earn the city’s trust, and show the world the true promise of AI.

Protodroid DeLTA promises to deliver dynamic 3D action platforming, allowing players to utilize DeLTA’s extraordinary agility and distinctive weaponry to traverse challenging stages. The gameplay draws inspiration from classic 2D games like Mega Man X, aiming to deliver a fast and fluid experience in a 3D setting.

The game’s solarpunk world presents a hopeful, albeit non-utopian, vision of the future where solar power is the primary energy source, and humanity and technology harmoniously coexist with nature.

In Protodroid DeLTA, players have the freedom to choose the order in which they tackle stages, fight bosses, and claim unique weapons. The game features vibrant characters, each with their own backstory and role in the narrative. Players can also search for hidden upgrades and power-ups to enhance DeLTA’s capabilities, and locate fellow Protodroid AnnDROID in each stage to learn new blade techniques.

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