Roblox Murder Mystery S Codes (April 2023) – Free Knives, Coins, & Revolvers!

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Murder Mystery S is another take on a well-known game genre in Roblox. You start a round as one of three types of characters: Killer, Sheriff, and Innocent. The Killer looks to find the innocents and sheriff to eliminate them. The Sheriff attempts to figure out the identity of the Killer and shoot them. Finally, the innocents try to survive and hide from the Murderer!

Our Roblox Murder Mystery S codes list features a full list of all the currently available codes for the game. You can redeem these to get yourself a number of free knives, some coins, and even some gun skins that you can use when you’re the Sheriff!

All Murder Mystery S Codes:

  • V0XY! – 1 Million Coins (NEW)
  • H3ART – Heartbreaker Knife (NEW)
  • C4NDY – Twicks Knife and CandyBox Revolver
  • L033Y – Mimic Blade Knife and 500 Coins
  • 3MIL – 3 Million Gun, Knife, and Effect
  • S0AK – Super Soaker Gun
  • UPD4T3! – 300 Coins and the Corvus Knife
  • B1UES0UL – 560 coins and the Blue Soul Knife
  • 1MIL – 1 Million Gun, Balloon, & Knife
  • V0XYANDF1NCH! – 450 coins and the Versical Deathray
  • H3X1R – 1,000 Coins, Hexer Gun, and Knife
  • F1NCH – Kraken Knife
  • St4yP4used – StayPaused Knife
  • CHR0M4 – Chroma Excalibur Knife
  • G4L4XY – Galaxy Panda, Gun, and Knife
  • VERD4TE – Verditeus Knife
  • C0TT0N – Cotton Candy Gun and Knife
  • M0N3Y – Moneyheart Knife
  • H4Z3 – Purple Haze Knife

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Murder Mystery S FAQs

How do you redeem codes in Murder Mystery S?

You can find the code redemption area in the Shop. This button is on the side of the screen, click on it to open up the Shop. Once you are in the market area, look for the area with the Twitter logo with the word Redeem next to it. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the text box, and then hit enter to receive your reward.

How do I get more codes for Murder Mystery S?

You can get more codes by either following Voxy on Twitter, or keep in an eye on the Roblox Murder Mystery S game page. You can also bookmark our page, because we’ll be updating it as soon as new codes are available!

Game Description

Welcome to Murder Mystery S.🌟
Collect weapons, trade and battle against other’s for the #1 spot!

🔫SHERIFF : Eliminate the murderer save the innocents.
🔪MURDERER : Eliminate all leave no one behind.
🧑INNOCENT : Run and escape the murderer or defeat him.

🐦 – NEW CODE: “H3ART” & “K3YS” Expires On Feb 20th
⏳ – New Missions!
⏳ – New Login Rewards!

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