Soul Knight Prequel Codes for 2024: Free Skins, Juice, & More!

Soul Knight Prequel Fighting Enemies
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Soul Knight Prequel is a retro-style action RPG where you choose a cute, chibi hero and explore pixelated dungeons, slashing monsters, collecting loot, and teaming up with friends. You choose how to fight with different classes and gear, and the game keeps things fresh with new content and side activities like gardening and customization. Think classic dungeon crawler with a lighthearted twist.

Codes for Soul Knight Prequel unlock in-game goodies, like skins and resources. These make the game a lot more fun because they can give you a much-needed boost. So, redeem them to boost your gameplay and potentially score awesome stuff!

All Soul Knight Prequel Codes

  • THX4ALLGP  Redeem code for Captain Paloma’s skin, 3x Gale Juice, 3x Housing Snapshots, 3x Bullion, Tempest Juice, and Life Juice

How to Redeem Soul Knight Prequel Codes

To redeem codes in Soul Knight Prequel, you will just need to follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your mailbox
  2. Press the letter with the key inside it on the left side of the screen
  3. Enter a code you see above
  4. Press the green checkmark box to redeem your code
Soul Knight Prequel Redeeming Codes
Image: NDLGamer

How to get more codes

You can get more codes by joining the Soul Knight Prequel Twitter and their website for the latest news, updates, and codes. Keep an eye on this page for all the latest freebies, which we will update regularly.

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