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Striker Odyssey is an expertise developed for the Roblox platform! In case you’re on the lookout for extra particulars and data on the sport, we’ve obtained a hyperlink to the Trello and the entire different pages that can show you how to study extra about it!

The Striker Odyssey Trello covers the entire particulars in regards to the customized shade auras, prodigious weapons, legendary weapons, epic, weapons, and customary weapons.

In case you’re on the lookout for the Roblox Striker Odyssey Trello right here’s the hyperlink together with different essential pages:

Striker Odyssey Trello FAQ

What are prodigies?

There are presently seven prodigies featured within the sport, every providing a novel increase to your weapon. It is usually doable to pair a particular prodigy together with your weapon, leading to a extra important enhancement. For instance, in case you have an Elastic Dribbling weapon paired with a Dribble prodigy, the buff in your weapon will probably be better in comparison with different mixtures. This idea holds true for Trapping and Ball Management as nicely.

What are the controls?

  • M – Menu
  • N – Emotes
  • LMB – Shoot/Use Talent
  • RMB – Take The Ball From Different Participant
  • Q – Deal with
  • E – Go
  • R – Header
  • T – Lob Go
  • F – Heel Go
  • B – Change Talent Path (Non-obligatory in settings)
  • H – Go Ping
  • Z,C,X,V – Dribbling Left,Proper,Again, Ahead
  • SHIFT – Run
  • ALT – Shiftlock

That’s all you’ll want to search out the Striker Odyssey Trello. Make sure to head to the Roblox Video games Codes web page to get freebies in quite a lot of totally different video games on the platform.

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