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World of Power is an experience developed for the Roblox platform! If you’re looking for more details and information on the game, we have a link to the Trello and all of the other pages that will help you learn more about it!

The World of Power Trello covers all the details about basic info, gamepasses, mythic cards, legendary cards, epic cards, rare cards, common cards, and events.

If you’re looking for the Roblox World of Power Trello, here’s the link along with other important pages:

World of Power [WOP] Trello FAQ

What is World of Power [WOP]?

World of Power [WOP] is an anime-inspired player vs. player (PvP) battleground centered around card-based mechanics. Venture into the game world, equipping your chosen ability from your inventory, and engage in combat against fellow players. As you eliminate opponents and engage in battles, your experience grows, elevating your base health and strength. Accumulate coins and gems to unlock additional abilities and aim for higher rarity cards through spins.

What are the controls for World of Power [WOP]?

The controls for World of Power [WOP] are the following:

  • R – Evasive
  • F – Block
  • Q – Dash
  • Space (Hold) + M1 – Air Combat

What are cards in World of Power [WOP]

World of Power has two card types—talents and abilities.

Talent cards offer passive benefits that can modify playstyles, such as granting combat enhancements or introducing new combat techniques, possibly even transformations. Ability cards, on the other hand, provide active skills that players can use during gameplay. Players can equip a combination of two talent cards and four ability cards, and acquiring cards is primarily achieved through spinning.

To earn cards, you can get them by spinning in the ability menu, found on the starting screen. Spins can be acquired by spending gold from combat and leveling up.

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