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Osiris Productions developed Roblox Undertaking Mugetsu, a recreation primarily based solely on the anime Bleach. Though not linked to the principle story, gamers can create customized characters and fashions. By deciding on their character’s race and construct, gamers can form their future as both a Soul Reaper within the Soul Society or an Arrancar in Hueco Mundo. The sport features a ranked space for participant versus participant fight, offering a possibility to showcase their abilities and progress. If you wish to know what the perfect clans are within the recreation, we’ve put collectively a tier checklist that can enable you to perceive which you want in your character.

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Undertaking Mugetsu Clans Tier Checklist

As a result of recreation simply being launched, there isn’t a ton recognized about every clan. For the second, the tier checklist is damaged into rarity, which is often a great indicator of high quality. Whenever you spin for a race, you could have a 0.1% likelihood to get a Warfare Energy, 1% likelihood for a Mythic, 4% likelihood for a Legendary, 10% likelihood for a Uncommon, 25% for an Unusual, and 60% likelihood for a typical.


  • Urahara (Warfare Energy)
  • Kurosaki (Warfare Energy)
  • Kuchiki (Mythic)
  • Yamamoto (Mythic)
  • Kyoraku (Mythic)
  • Uryu (Mythic)


  • Hitsugaya (Legendary)
  • Hisagi (Legendary)
  • Ichimaru (Legendary)
  • Shihoin (Legendary)
  • Unohana (Legendary)


  • Iba (Uncommon)
  • Kira (Uncommon)
  • Hirako (Uncommon)
  • Ushoda (Uncommon)
  • Amagi (Uncommon)
  • Sarugaki (Uncommon)
  • Valkyrie (Uncommon)


  • Dokugamine (Unusual)
  • Sado (Unusual)
  • Inoue (Unusual)
  • Ginjo (Unusual)
  • Kutsuzawa (Unusual)
  • Tsukishima (Unusual)
  • Shishigawara (Unusual)
  • Yukio (Unusual)
  • Kotetsu (Unusual)
  • Muguruma (Unusual)
  • Yadomaru (Unusual)

Any clan that isn’t discovered on the checklist is probably going a Frequent clan, which suggests it needs to be rolled off instantly as a result of it provides no bonuses to your character. We are going to hopefully have extra info on the clans within the close to future.

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Project Mugetsu Clan Spin Rates

The spin rates for Project Mugetsu clans are classified into six levels of rarity, with better clans having lower chances of obtaining them. Players can re-spin their clans from the customization menu on the main screen. The following list illustrates all clan rarities and their corresponding spin rates in Project Mugetsu:

  • War Powers: 0.1%
  • Mythic: 1%
  • Legendary: 4%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Uncommon: 25%
  • Common: 60%

How to check Clan Perks in Project Mugetsu

To check the buffs and perks of your current clan in Project Mugetsu, press the M key, select Profile, and then refer to the book on the right side of the menu. When switching clans, you can view the bonuses and benefits of the new clan. Scroll through to read all Clan buffs and perks.

Project Mugetsu Clan Perks

We are attempting to compile a list of what each perk does, but due to the information only being available when you’re in the game, it makes the process difficult. We will continue updating until we have all the details behind each perk.

Urahara Clan Perks

  • +3 Sprinter
  • Long Reach: +15% (Increased normal attack area-of-effect) M1 Only
  • Immense Spiritual Power: The maximum reiatsu bar increases.
  • +1 Melee
  • Master Tactician: Immune to all debuffs.
  • Master of Class: User gains 3.5x mastery exp boost on both ability and sword mastery.
  • +135 Health
  • +2.5 Sword
  • Enhanced Strength: The User Gains 1 more damage buff when under 30% HP
  • Shunpo Master: The user takes less Reiatsu While Flash stepping and also can do it quicker than regular Flash Step in quick succession
  • +100 Reiatsu
  • Master Scientist & Inventor: Skills and potions are 2x cheaper.
  • Gigai: The User has a move called “gigai”, he activates the skill then reverts all damage done to him during a 15 second period.
  • Genius Intellect: The user can acquire Shikai/Bankai Quicker than average Family. Zanapukuto Inner World cooldown fight is lower too.
  • +4 Block

Uryu Clan Perks

  • +105 Reiatsu
  • Spiritual Awareness: The user can sense/see Hollows through walls. (ESP) (PRESS H)
  • Attack Negation: Future Update.
  • Immense Spiritual Power: The maximum reiatsu bar increases.
  • +2 Melee
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: 0.4x
  • Mastery Experience for Fist Mastery
  • Reishi Manipulation: When the user is around places with highly concentrated Reishi, he can convert it to Reiatsu (inf Reiatsu)
  • +85 Health
  • +2 Sword
  • Antithesis: Future Update
  • Medical Knowledge: The user can Heal himself in the trade of Reiatsu in one succession.
  • Master Archer: Future Update.
  • +2 Block

Yamamoto Clan Perks

  • +75 Reiatsu
  • Long Reach: +15% (Increased normal attack area-of-effect) M1 Only
  • +2 Melee
  • Immune to Fire Damage: The user is immune to all types of fire burn/tik damage.
  • Immense Strength: User gains a strength passive buff when hp is under 40%
  • +120 Health
  • +2 Sword
  • Immense Durability: While under 30% HP the user takes less damage.
  • +1 Sprinter
  • Hakuda Master: When under 50% HP the user Gains a Melee Damage Passive Buff
  • Master Swordsman: 0.7x Mastery
  • Freeze Duration: User unfreezes Faster during attacks that freeze users by 65%
  • Shunpo Master: The user takes less Reiatsu While Flash stepping and also can do it quicker than regular Flash Step in quick succession
  • +3 Block
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