How to get Recall Glove in Slap Battles – Repressed Memories Badge!

In Slap Battles, a Roblox recreation, gamers have interaction in chaotic slap fights utilizing completely different gloves that possess distinctive talents, together with passive and activated results. In the event you’re struggling to accumulate the Recall Glove and Repressed Recollections Badge, that is the fitting place to hunt help!

Methods to get the Recall Glove

To get the Recall Glove in Slap Battles, you and one other participant have to equip the Reverse Glove (5,500 Slaps) and enter right into a Regular Area. Use the Reverse Glove potential after which slap one another. There’s an opportunity that you’ll be teleported to a temple.

Some stuff you would possibly need to word earlier than you go to the temple:

  • Your present Slap depend (Present in Leaderboard)
  • Quantity of gamers within the server (Present in Leaderboard)
  • Colour of your chat textual content (Kind into chat)

As soon as you’re on the temple, discuss to the NPC that appears precisely like your character. When you undergo some prompts, they may ask you some questions that you will want to reply precisely.

The questions won’t be on this order, it seems to be considerably random!

How outdated is your account in days?

To search out this out, you’ll need to first head to your profile in your gadget. Search for the Be part of Date part within the About Us, which can let you know once you first registered to Roblox. Now, go to Google and kind within the following: “what number of days has it been since YOUR JOIN DATE”. Be sure to put in YOUR be part of date and never mine. When you enter that into the search, you must get the variety of days listed on the high.

Roblox Account Join Date Image

What’s the probability of getting bob from duplicate?


What glove can’t you hit when it isn’t there?


Did you overlook that you just repressed your recollections?


What glove has precisely 9750 slap necessities to unlock?


What number of gamers have been current on this server once you have been despatched right here?

Choose the right quantity primarily based on the choices. You may depend them within the leaderboard previous to receiving this query.

What number of slaps do you could have?

Choose the right quantity primarily based on the choices. This quantity is seen within the leaderboard previous to receiving this query.

If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, what does 6=?


When was Slap Battles first printed to Roblox?


Whom finally controls this realm?


What number of gloves stands are in Slap Battles proper now?


What’s the badge identify for the Glitch glove?

01010010 01010101 01001110

Have you learnt who I’m?

A forgotten reminiscence

We’ll play simon says on the finish. Do you perceive?


What color is your identify within the Roblox chat?

The choices for this alternative are the next:

  • Brilliant violet (Purple)
  • Persimmon (Reddish-orange)
  • Darkish Inexperienced
  • Brilliant Orange

Simon Says Riddle me this and communicate it out. What was 4 fingers and a thumb however isn’t alive?

Kind “Glove” into chat.

Simon Says bounce off the map to gather your reward

Leap off the map so long as it stated simon says.

Simons Says if the reward is what you search, you could dance on high of the fitting staircase crystal

Go to the RIGHT (when dealing with the steps whereas standing on the high), bounce onto the crystal, and kind “/e dance” into chat with out the quotes.

You may take a look at the Recall Glove in motion within the following video.

Extra Glove Guides

If you wish to get some extra gloves, we’ve obtained a bunch of guides that can assist you acquire them!

We hope this information helped you on get the Recall Glove and Repressed Recollections Badge within the recreation. For extra nice content material, head over ot the Slap Battles part of our web site.

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