Skibidi Tower Defense Codes for December 2023: Coins and Potions!

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In Roblox Skibidi Tower Defense, defend your base against the Skibidi Toilets using units like Camera Men and Speaker Men. Strategically place these units to stop the toilets from reaching your base. Each unit costs money, which you earn by defeating enemies and surviving waves. Use your earnings to place more units or upgrade existing ones, enhancing their power to withstand all incoming waves.

Codes in Skibidi Tower Defense provide Potions and Coins. Potions offer temporary boosts such as increased luck or double coins. Coins are crucial for summoning new units to strengthen your defenses.

All Skibidi Tower Defense Codes

  • EP69 – Redeem code for 1 Luck Potion and 1 Double Coins Potion (NEW)
  • cope – Redeem code for 1 Double Coins Potion (NEW)
  • Glitch – Redeem code for 1 Luck Potion and 1 Double Coins Potion (NEW)
  • Freeskibs – Redeem code for 100 Coins (NEW)

How to Redeem Skibidi Tower Defense Codes

To redeem codes in Roblox Skibidi Tower Defense, you will just need to follow these steps:

  1. Press the Gifts button on the left side of the screen. Then click the Codes button next to Daily.
  2. Enter a working code in the text box and hit Verify.
  3. You’ll get your free rewards instantly if the code is still active.
  4. If not, let us know in the comments!
How To Redeem Codes In Skibidi Tower Defense RobloxHow To Redeem Codes In Skibidi Tower Defense Roblox
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

If a new code isn’t functioning, try exiting the game and launching it again. This moves you to another server, likely with a more recent game update, allowing the code to work correctly!

How to get more codes

For additional codes, consider joining the game’s Roblox Group and Discord channel. These platforms offer the latest news, updates, and codes. Additionally, revisit this page regularly as we continually update it with the newest available freebies.

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